Report 14.02.2020



Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd sold 136 Store Cattle at their sale at Newton Stewart. A small but quality show forward to a Large Ringside of Buyers.


69 Bullocks Averaged 214.7p or £873.04

64 Heifers Averaged 214.2p or £864.69

3 Friesian Bullocks Averaged 183.8p or £590


Top Price of the day was £1115 for a pair of Smart Limousin Bullocks off Larg, Newton Stewart or 268.4p for Limousin Bullocks off Holm, Kirkcowan.


Heifers Topped at £1080 for a Charolais off Glenlea, Whauphill or 251.8p for a pen of 7 Limousin’s off Holm, Kirkcowan.


Bullocks (Top Price Per Head)

Limousin: £1115 Larg, £1100 and £980 Glenchamber, £1055 and £970 Culscadden. Aberdeen Angus: £1080 Larg, £1070 Culscadden, £960 Claunch. British Blue: £1080 and £960 Culscadden. Montbeliard: £950 Knockeffrick. South Devon: £755 Bagbie. Shorthorn: £710 Druchtag. Friesian: £590 Holm.


Bullocks (Top Price Per Kilo)

268.4p Holm, 253.6p Druchtag, 248.2p Bagbie, 243.6p Bagbie.


Heifers (Top Price Per Head)

Charolais: £1080 and £970 Glenlea. British Blue: £1030, £995m, £990 and £950 Low Glasnick, £950 Culscadden. Aberdeen Angus: £1030 Larg. Limousin: £1005 Culscadden, £1000 Glenchamber, £935 Larg.


Heifers (Top Price Per Kilo)

251.8p Holm, 226.2p Glenchamber, 225.1p Gleniron, 224.5p Druchtag, 220.3p Bagbie.




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Newton Stewart - Friday 15th November 2019

Newton Stewart – Friday 15th November 2019

205 Cattle and 62 Sheep Sold at Newton Stewart November Sale.

With some quality Cattle forward all classes were readily bid for peaking at £1160 for an outstanding British Blue Heifer sold by Mrs Aileen Baillie, Low Glasnick, Kirkcowan.  Heifers sold to 229p[ k/g for a pair of tremendous Limousin Crosses from Alan, McCaig, Mount Pleasant, and W Gemmell, Holm, Kirkcowan.  Steers sold to £1105 for a pair of Limousin Crosses from J Howie, Auchentibbert and to 254p k/g for a pen of Limousin Crosses from W Gemmell, Holm Farm. 

130 Beef sired Steers averaged 195.1p k/g.

12 Dairy Bred Steers averaged 162.7p k/g

63 Heifers averaged 191.3p k/g

Steers (Price per Head)

Limousin:  £1105, £1055, £1025 & £100 Auchentibbert  Charolais:  £1010 Auchentibbert  Simmental:  £1000 Camrie  Hereford:  £1000 Kildrochat Mains  Angus:  £990 Kildrochat Mains  British Blue:  3925 Moorpark, Sandhead 

Steers (Price per Kilo)

Limousin:  254. & 228 Holm, K/c  British Blue:  216 Colfin  Luing:  206 Kilquhockadale  Simmental:  202 Crouse 

Heifers (Price per Head)

British Blue:  £1160 & £1090 Low Glasnick  Simmental:  £920 Low Glasnick  Limousin:  £900 Crouse  Angus:  £900 Moorpark of Barr  Charolais:  £830 Laggansarroch

Heifers (Price per Kilo)

Limousin:  229 Mount Pleasant  229 & 226 Holm, K/c  British Blue:  213 & 212 Low Glasnick 212 Colfin  Charolais:  202 Laggansarroch 

A small Show of Store Sheep Sold to £66 for Cheviots from B Landers, Bardrochwood.  Mules to £59 from H Gregg, Corwar Mains.



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Newton Stewart Calf Sale Report 2019



2304 Cattle Sold. The Better Weather conditions this past Spring and Summer was shown in the Spring and Autumn Calves this year with Cattle in Excellent Condition and Heavier.


The 2304 Head sold Averaged £791.51 (+ £32.91 on 2018 -12.2p). With more English Buyers forward it was the Huge Attendance of Farmers who attend this sale annually which made the trade a Testament to how the Cattle Purchased go on and do with them.


Heifers Peaked at £1280, £1240 and £1220 for Home Bred Limousin Crosses from Messrs G & J Hannah, Meoul, Stoneykirk, Stranraer.


Bullocks Peaked at £1140 for a Limousin Cross again shown by G & J Hannah, Meoul Farm,


Spring Born Bullock Calves sold to 280p for Limousin Crosses sold by S & J Cannon, Redbrae, Wigtown.


Spring Born Heifer Calves sold to 405p for a pen of 10 Saler Crosses from A Howatson, Risk Farm, Newton Stewart.


Outwith the Saler Calves Spring Born Heifer Calves sold to 304p for a pen Limousin from Messrs Costley, East Barr, Port William.


843 Autumn Born Bullock Calves Averaged £907.27 or 201.8p

456 Spring Born Bullock Calves Averaged £686.74 or 232.8p

660 Autumn Born Heifer Calves Averaged £798.59 or 195.9p

345 Spring Born Heifer Calves Averaged £658.84 or 236.2p


Bullocks (Top Price Per Head)

Limousin: £1140, £1075, £1030 and £1025 Meoul, £1090, £1080 x2, £1070, £1065 and £1030 Boghouse, £1085, £1070 x2, £1050 x2, £1020 and £1000 Redbrae, £1065, £1050 and £1030 Gowlands, £1060, £1030 and £1010 Mains of Larg, £1040, £1030 and £1025 Kirkmabreck, £1040 Barncorkrie, £1030 Dalnaw, £1010  Crouse, £1010 No 2 South Balfern, £1000 Larg. Charolais: £1080 and £1050 Kirkmabreck, £1070, £1060, £1045 and £1010 Knockiebae, £1060 and £1040 x2 Gowlands, £1025 Balmurrie, £1020 West Glengyre, £1015 Meikle Larbrax, £1010 Cairnhouse, £1000 Glenvernoch. Aberdeen Angus: £1070 Milnmark, £1050 Ballaird, £1010 Spittal, £1000 Bents, Barrhill and Low Drumrae. Simmental: £1050 and £1045 Low Drumrae, £1045 and £1020 Crouse, £1010 Barnean. Galloway: £1040 and £1000 Nether Cleugh. Hereford: £990 Ballaird. Saler: £925 Kirkmabreck. Shorthorn: £780 Bardrochwood.


Bullocks (Top Price Per Kilo)

Limousin: 280p, 261.1p and 248p Redbrae, 277p and 251p East Barr, 265p Meoul, 253.3p and 250p Kiltersan, 250p Kildarroch, 253.3p Gowlands, Charolais: 260p, 251p and 250p Milnmark, 257p, 253p and 248p Glenvernoch, 253.4p and 251.7p Culdoach. Simmental: 260.7p and 248p Drumjargon. Saler: 252.7p Drumjargon. Aberdeen Angus: 238p and 223p High Eldrig.


Heifers (Top Price Per Head)

Limousin: £1280, £1240 and £1220 Meoul, £1040, £955 and £950 Redbrae, £940 Gowlands, £920 Knockiebae, Old Land and Boghouse. Charolais: £1040, £945, £910 and £900 Knockiebae, £1020 and £950 West Glengyre, £1000 Kirkmabreck, £940 Borgue House. Simmental: £1025 and £970 Crouse, £940 Borgue House. Saler: £1020, £1000 x2, £900 and £880 Risk, £940 Kirkmabreck. Aberdeen Angus: £900 and £870 x2 Spittal, £880, £875 and £850 Ballaird, £875 South Boreland, £855 Viewhills. Hereford: £830 Ballaird.


Heifers (Top Price Per Kilo)

Saler: 404.9p, 400p, 373.1p, 356.6p, 344.1p, 334.8p, 327.1p, 316.8p Risk, 288.5p Risk. Limousin: 304.2p East Barr, 253.5p Meoul, 252.1p Redbrae, 248.2p Kiltersan, 238p and 227p Kildarroch, 232p Garchew. Charolais: 222.6p Little Park, 218p and 212p Culdoach, 218p x2 and 213p Milnmark, 217p Glenvernoch. British Blue: 221p Blair (Barrhill). 

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Report 27.09.19



821 Store Cattle sold at Newton Stewart’s Big Bullock Sale 2019.


Beef Bred Steers Peaked at £1230 for an Outstanding Home Bred Charolais Cross sold by Mr H Milroy, Fardenreoch and to 213.6p for a Limousin Crosses from J Howie, Auchentibbert.


568 Beef Bred Steers with an Average Weight of 520kg Averaged 181.6p.


34 Dairy Bred Steers sold to £980 and to 135.2p for Black and Whites from T Forsyth, Isle Farm. 34 Dairy Bred Steers Averaged 533kg and 128.5p.


Heifers sold to £1030 for a Limousin Cross sold by Messrs Hannah, Meoul Farm and to 232p for a Tremendous Limousin Cross Heifer from A McCaig, Mount Pleasant. 219 Heifers Averaged 487kg and 178.9p.


Steers (Top Price Per Head)

Charolais: £1230 Fardenreoch, £1195, £1135, £1100 and £1075 South Balfern, £1080 Auchleach, Sandhead. Aberdeen Angus: £1180 and £1100 North Milton, £1100 and £1050 Fardenreoch, £1055, £1030 and £1020 Auchleach, Sandhead. Limousin: £1180 Meoul, £1105 North Milton, £1095 Dunskey, £1090 Barfad, £1060 Fardenreoch, Simmental: £1135 South Clutag, £1115 and £1085 Over Airies, £1120 South Balfern. British Blue: £1090 Meoul. Black and White: £980 and £810 Isle, £725 Over Airies. Ayrshire: £620 Balgracie. Hereford: £1000 Meoul.


Steers (Top Price Per Kilo)

Limousin: 213.6p, 210.9p and 208.7p Auchentibbert, 203.9p Mount Pleasant. Charolais: 205p and 201.1p Fardenreoch. Aberdeen Angus: 200p Fardenreoch. Simmental: 194.4p and 193.5p Crouse.


Heifers (Top Price Per Head)

Limousin: £1030 Meoul, £1010 Mount Pleasant, £1000, £980 and £950 Isle, £980 Barfad. Simmental: £1005 South Clutag, £920 and £900 Over Airies, £900 Crouse, Charolais: £920 and £900 Fardenreoch. Hereford: £895 Gass (Kirkcowan) . Aberdeen Angus: £885 and £810 Ballaird.


Heifers (Top Price Per Kilo)

232p Mount Pleasant, 198p x2 Meoul, 197p and 193p Isle, 193p Dunskey and 188p Crouse.


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587 breeding and store sheep sold at Newton Stewart’s annual sale of Blackface Draft Ewes and all classes of store and breeding sheep.

All classes of sheep proved easily sold, the 437 Blackface Draft Ewes averaged £60.10 (+£5.19 on the year). Topping today’s sale was a pen of 36 cracking hill ewes from regular consigner J & T. Scott, Garchew which sold for £71. One pen of Blackface Gimmers sold at £80 from Larg Farming Co, Larg, Creetown.

Mule Gimmers sold to £100 from J. Ferguson, Rose Cottage. 126 store lambs sold to £58 for a pen of cracking Texels from Mrs. M. Farroll, Burges Croft with Blackfaces to £37 from R. McKenna, Bents, Barrhill.

58 Texel lambs averaged £50.50.

10 Suffolk lambs averaged £56.

58 Blackface lambs averaged £33.25.

Leading prices:

Blackface Ewes: £71 & £60 Garchew, £66 & £60 Drannandow, £66 & £64 Lagafater, Dalnigap, £64 Lagafater, Shenna’s £64 (x2) Markdhu, £62 Glenvernoch, £60 Challochglass, £59 Glenchamber.

Blackface Gimmers: £80 Larg, Creetown.

Mule Gimmers: £100 Rose Cottage.

Store Lambs:

Texel: £58 Burges Croft, £56.50 & £51 South Clutag, £56 Barnsladie. Suffolk: £56 Burges Croft. Blackface: £37 Bents, Barrhill.

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273 store cattle sold at Newton Stewart’s first September sale. All classes of store cattle were easily sold. Topping today’s sale was a pair of cracking Hereford bullocks from Alan Wallace, Kildrochat Mains which made £970. Topping the bullocks per kilo at 227.3p/kg was a pen of beautiful Limousins from W. Gemmell and Sons, Holm, Kirkcowan. Top heifer per head was a single consigned by J. Scott, Garchew. Garchew also topped the heifers per kilo at 213.9 for a pair of swells. Dairy bred cattle topped at £800 for a Holstein Friesian heifer from H. Parker, Inchparks and to 164p/kg Fleckvieh bullocks from R & S Archibald, Glaick

47 Dairy bred cattle averaged 147.3 p/kg or £703.22

117 Beef bred bullocks averaged 193.48 p/kg or £804.23

109 Beef bred heifers averaged 178.2 p/kg or £709.33

Bullocks (Price per head)

Hereford: £970 Kildrochat Mains, £845 Inchparks, £825 Challoch. Aberdeen Angus: £930, £910 and £880 Kildrochat Mains, £860 Claunch. Limousin: £930 & £885 (x2) & £83 Glenchamber, £925 7 South Balfern, £870 & £860 Garchew, £870 Claunch. Simmental: £910 Kildrochat Mains. Charolais: £815 Bagbie. British Blue: £820 Colfin. Dairy Bred: £785 & £730 Glaick, £765 Inchparks, £730 Crechan Parks.

Bullocks (Price per kilo)

Limousin: 227.3p/kg Holm, Kirkcowan, 214.3p/ kg & 205.5p/kg Clugston, 205.5p/kg Bagbie, 204.4p/kg Glenchamber, 201.2p/kg Garchew. Hereford: 198.7p/kg Inchparks. Aberdeen Angus: 196.1p/kg Low Glentriplock, 193.1p/kg Challoch. Charolais: 205.8p/kg Bagbie. Dairy Bred: 164p/kg & 159.2p/kg Glaick, 150.5p/kg Balgown.

Heifers (Per Head)

Lmousin:  £895, £860 (x2) & £845 Garchew  £880 & £870 (x2) No2 South Balfern  Angus:  £850 Claunch  Hereford:  £835 Inchparks £830 Balgown  Holstein:  £800 Inchparks  British Blue:  £780 Inchparks £745 & £740 Colfin  Simmental:  £765 Barrachan 

Heifers (Price per Kilo)

Limousin:  213.9pk/g & 198.8pk/g Garchew  198.4p/kg Clugston 197.8p k/g No2 South Balfern 193.8pk/g Holm, K/c British Blue:  188.6pk/g Colfin

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Report 30.08.19

Newton Stewart – Friday 30th August 2019


1254 Store and Breeding Sheep sold at Newton Stewart’s Blackface Ewe Lamb Sale and Second Sale of all Classes of Store and Breeding Sheep.  Breeding Sheep would be harder to cash on the year with Blackfaces Ewe Lambs selling to £37 from Mr I McFadzean, Glenvernoch for a pen of proper hill lambs. Mule ewe lambs sold to £79 from regular consigners J McKenna & Sons, Gass, Kirkcowan.  Longer keep store lambs were in strong demand today whilst stronger shorter keep store lambs proved harder to cash.  Topping today’s trade was a pen of powerful Texel Lambs from the Ramsay Family, High Auchneel.


80 Blackface Ewe Lambs averaged £35.50

144 Mule Ewe Lambs averaged £70.33

69 Cheviot Ewe Lambs averaged £54.64

135 Suffolk Lambs averaged £61.21

235 Texel Lambs averaged £56.48

141 Mule Lambs averaged £53.64

29 Beltex Lambs averaged £55

324 Cheviot Lambs averaged £48.99

97 Blackface Lambs averaged £42.99


Blackface  Ewe Lambs:  £37 Glenvernoch  Mule Ewe Lambs:  £79 & £72 Gass, Kirkcowan £77 Bents, Barrhill £68 Culreoch   Cheviot Ewe Lambs:  £60 Boreland, K/c

Store Lambs

Texel:  £75 High Auchneil £58 Barquhill £58 & £56.50 Holm, K/c £55 Glendoune  Suffolk:  £66.50 & £61 Gass, K/c £62 Bardrochwood  Beltex:  £55 Boreland, K/c  Cheviot:  £56.50 & £51 Bardrochwood £53 Boreland, K/c £51.50 Murrayton  Cross:  £61 & £56 Gass, K/c  Blackface:  £52.50 & £39 Wood of Dervaird £46.50 & £36 Bagbie 


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Newton Stewart - 16.08.19

Newton Stewart – Friday 16th August 2019


1933 Sheep Sold at Newton Stewart’s first sale of Store and Breeding Sheep.  An increased entry and the inclement weather provided a packed ringside of buyers which ensured a strong trade throughout.  Breeding Sheep sold to a top of £130 for a pen of 30 strong Mule Gimmers from J McKenna & Sons, Gass Farm, Kirkcowan,  Mule Ewe Lambs sold to £75 for a pen from Messrs W Gemmell & Son, Holm Farm, Kirkcowan with Aberfield Cross Ewe Lambs selling to £72 for a pen of youngsters from J Paterson & Co, Kildarroch, Kirkcowan.  Store Lambs topped at £71.50 for a pen of cracking Suffolks from  T Landers, Bardrochwood.


81 Gimmers averaged £119.88 (-£3.52 on the year)

57 Mule Ewe Lambs averaged £71.85 (no comparison)

50 Aberfield Cross Ewe Lambs averaged £71.20 (no Comparison)

976 Texel Lambs averaged £60.50 (-7p in the year)

333 Suffolk Lambs averaged £62.14 (+£7.14p on the year)

62 Cheviot Lambs averaged £56.53 (-£4.47p on the year)

170 Mule Wedders averaged £54.57 (-£1.87p on the year)

27  Charolais averaged £62.50 (+£3 on the year)

70 Beltex Lambs averaged £63.50 (no comparison)

4 Blue Texel Lambs averaged £63.50 (no comparison)

83  5Crop Cheviot Ewes averaged £47.73 (no comparison)

8   5Crop Mule Ewes averaged £59 (no comparison)

12 Feeding Ewes averaged £41.41 (no comparison)


Breeding Sheep (Leading Prices)

Mule Gimmers:  £130 Gass, Kirkcowan £118 (x2) Pinmore Mains  Mule Ewe Lambs:  £75 Holm, K/C  Aberfield Ewe Lambs:  £72 Kildarroch, K/c  Cheviot Ewes:  £56 Bardrochwood  Mule Ewes:  £59 Bardrochwood


Store Sheep (Leading Prices)

Texel:  £65.50, £65 (x2), £64.50, £63 & £61.50 Barholm Mains £62.50 Boreland, K/c & Bardrochwood  £62 Littlepark £60 Kiltersan & Holm, K/c  Suffolk:  £71.50, £70, £69, £66.50, £64 (x2) & £59 Bardrochwood  Mule:  £60 & £57 Ardachie  £56.50 Bents, Barrhill £55.50 Holm, K/c Cheviot:  £60.50 & £56 Bardrochwood £57.50 Culreoch Charolais:  £62.50 Boreland, K/c  Blue Texel:  £63.50 Bardrochwood  Beltex:  £64 Boreland, K/c  Cheviot Feeding Ewes:  £49 & £40 Bardrochwood  Mule Feeding Ewes:  £63 Bardrochwood

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Newton Stewart - Friday 9th August 2019

Newton Stewart – Friday 9th August 2019


158 Store Cattle sold at Newton Stewart’s August Sale. Trade remains similar to the last sale here. Top Price Per Head today was £1250 for a Cracking Simmental Bullock from Dunskey Farms, Dunskey. A Cracking pair of Limousins from Mr G Adams, Clugston Topped Per Kilo selling at 217.1p. Top Heifers Per Head was a pen of Angus from H Young, Claunch selling at £960, Clugston also topped the Heifers with a pen of Limousins at 209p. Top Dairy Bred was a pen of Fleckvian selling at £760 from R & S Archibald, Glaick this pen also Topped Per Kilo at 154.2p.


38 Dairy Bred Bullocks Averaged 139p or £634.39

46 Heifers Averaged 186.2p or £779.89

74 Beef Bred Bullocks Averaged 189.1p or £879.39


Bullocks (Top Price Per Head)

Simmental: £1250 and £1150 Dunskey. Beef Shorthorn: £1200 and £900 Dunskey. Aberdeen Angus: £1180 and £1150 Dunskey, £930 Laigh Sinniness. Charolais: £1150 and £1100 Dunskey, £900 Laigh Sinniness. British Blue: £1100 and £1060 Dunskey, Limousin: £1100 Dunskey, £895 Holm (Kirkcowan). Saler: £1100 Dunskey. Fleck: £760 Glaick.


Bullocks (Top Price Per Kilo)

Limousin: 217.1p, 216.7p and 207.1p Clugston, 216.3p and 204.1p East Barr, 213.3p and 212.2p Holm (Kirkcowan). Simmental: 194.8p Barrachan. Charolais: 194.1p and 191.5p Laigh Sinniness. Fleck: 154.2p Glaick.


Heifers (Top Price Per Head)

Aberdeen Angus: £960 and £920 Claunch, £790 South Boreland. British Blue: £840 Dunskey. Beef Shorthorn: £790 Barrachan. Limousin: £765 and £740 Clugston, £735 and £730 East Barr.


Heifers (Top Price Per Kilo)

Limousin: 209p and 194.3p Clugston, 208.8p, 201.6p, 197.6p and 195.9p East Barr.  

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Newton Stewart - Friday 12th July 2019

Newton Stewart – Friday 12th July 2019

Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd, Newton Stewart sold 161 Store Cattle at our July Sale.  Abig turn out of buyers present insured prices firmer than expected.  Top price of  the day was £1200 for a fantastic .Angus Bullock off Messrs J R McKay & So, Broughton Mains and topping per k/g was Messrs J McMillan, Glenchamber Farm for a pen of outstanding Limousin Bullocks that fetched for 219.5p k/g.  Dairy bred Bullocks sold to £800 for  a Ayrshire off Messrs McWilliam, Colfin or 159.1p k/g for a pen of British Friesians off Messrs H Young, Claunch Farm. 

86 Beef Bred Bullocks averaged 197.1p k/g or £855 per head.

13 Dairy Bred Bullocks averaged 140.1p k/g or £711.15 per head

62 Heifers averaged 189.6p k/g or £821 per head

Bullocks (Price per Head)

Angus:  £1200, £1160 & £1100 Broughton Mains £1100 Creechan Park  Limousin:  £1100 Claunch £990 Glencha,ber £950 Colfin £910 Clugston  British Blue:  £1000 & £940 Colfin 

Bullocks (Price per Kilo)

Limousin:  219.5 Glenchamber 213.4 & 212.5 Clugston  208 Glenchamber  201 East Barr  Shorthorn:  211.5 Drumrae  Charolais:  202.9 Barfad 198.7 Mid Skeog

Heifer (Price per Head)

Angus:  £1060, £1020 & £980 Broughton Mains £970 Creechan Park  Limousin:  £990 No2 South Barlfern  £940 CLugston £930 (x2) No2 South Balfern & Glenchamber  British Blue:  £890 Creechan Park  

Heifers (Price per Kilo)

Limousin:  216 Clugston 209 No2 South Balfern 208.9 Glenchamber 205.1 Mid Skeog 205 Clugston 200.3 East Barr

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Report 14.06.19

Newton Stewart – Friday 14th June 2019


Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd, Newton Stewart had a small offering of 84 Store Cattle at our June sale.  Top price of the day was £890 for a pen of three Charolais Bullocks off South Boreland Farm or 243.8p k/g for a pen of seven smart Limousin Bullocks off Mr B Vance, Mid Skeog.  Heifers sold to £845 for a pen of Angus Crosses off Messrs Charles Service and Co, Moorpark, Sandhead or 211.6p k/g off B Vance, Mid Skeog.


56 Bullocks averaged 201.7p k/g

28 Heifers averaged 192.6p k/g


Bullocks (Top price per Head)

Charolais:  £890 & £820 South Boreland  Limousin:  £850 Kirkdale £815 Moorpark, Sandhead £790 Mid Skeog  Angus:  £815 Moorpark, Sandhead  Simmental:  £760 Kirkdale  South Devon:  £700 Bagbie 


Bullocks (Top price per Kilo)

Limousin:  243.8 Mid Skeog 230 Kirkdale  Simmental:  234.7 Kirkdale  Charolais:  220.8 South Boreland  Angus:  £216.9 South Boreland  South Devon:  210.6 Bagbie


Posted on 14 Jun 2019 by Craig Wilson
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